Testimonial: John Ciccone – Carbon Cleaner and patches

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Recently, I was at the 9th Muzzle Loader Long Range World Championships at Cape Town. While there I got hold of two of your products that I wish I could get here in the US. The first are your flannel cleaning patches…doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the difference between your patches and any of the flat fabric or paper patches is extraordinary. They are more absorbent and deliver more cleaner or oil to the bore; they remove more fouling per stroke and are simply better and more efficient at cleaning a bore. This is important to muzzle loading as we need to clean quickly between shots. I also used your carbon cleaner (Red Label) and was able to remove baked-on carbon from nipples more thoroughly and faster that what I’d been using. I also used a sample of your “Best Oil” and liked it very much. It was light and penetrating. Do you know where I can purchase these in the U.S. Thank you and best regards, John Ciccone, Bethesda, MD, USA P.S. I note that you were one of the sponsors of the Championships. THANK YOU! Your support means a great deal to our shooting organizations, and I make a point of supporting those who support us.