African Rifleman

Bushill RSA is the proud manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the African Rifleman range of hunting and shooting accessories.

Cape Town is famous for the artisanal skills of its locals. Cape Town remains the hub of the textile industry in South Africa and is home to people with amazing artisanal textile skills. We have therefore developed our African Rifleman and Bushill RSA product ranges in our Cape Town factory. Our people are highly skilled tradespeople and we pride ourselves in the quality of our products.

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Parker Hale

A.G. Parker, a well-known rifleman of the 1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, recognised the need for the supply of high quality, good value shooting aids to his fellow shooters. Thus the legendary Parker-Hale started manufacturing high quality precision shooting accessories in the year 1880.

Bushill RSA is proud to be part of this tradition, as sole distributor of these quality products in Southern Africa, since June 2015.

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VFG is a famous gun care brand manufacturing felt pellets from sheep’s wool for quick, easy and effective weapons cleaning. VFG’s beautiful factory is based in the picturesque German country-side town of Giengen. Bushill RSA is proud to have been appointed sole distributor of VFG products in South Africa and its neighbouring countries, since June 2015.

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Bushill RSA manufactures our Gunsmithy Gun Care range of products in South Africa. South Africa has a well developed chemical industry which supplies a large range of world-class raw materials for our use. Our firearm cleaning fluids do not contain Ammonia or any other chemical that will be harmful to any form of barrel steel. All our cleaning products are laboratory tested and given to individual international shooters to test and comment on product quality. Please also feel free to contact us for more information.


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Air Arms

Bushill RSA proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Air Arms products in South Africa since June 2016.

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Although some images below depicts rifles with telescopes; the products below are not supplied with telescopes.

Please refer to technical brochure for full specifications listed below as well as lastest Air Arms TV Adverts.

South African Air Arms Warranty: All Air Arms rifles and the Alfa Pistol has a 12 month factory guarantee. With each purchase you will received a detailed Warranty Policy and Warranty Card.

Repairs and service: Bushill have appointed 5 airgunsmiths, trained and accredited by Air Arms UK, to provide warranty and non-warranty repairs and services. Our smiths are located in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, East London, Pretoria and Richards Bay. Our smiths have bespoke tools, specially manufactured by Air Arms UK and use genuine Air Arms spare parts. These airgunsmiths assist us with warranty repairs but are also available for non-warranty repairs and services. Please contact out office for the contact details of your nearest airgunsmith.

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